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    What is the better way to get backlinks for your site?

    Personally I haven't tried any backling generators and I won't recommend you too. Especially if it's for free. Would be too easy if that thing will replace careful backlinks buying process. So I think there must be a catch somewhere. I can recommend you to buy backlinks as it's absolutely...
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    How to make a domain name lookup

    Hello. You must use your imagination combined with plain logic when picking a domain name. It's better if it would be short, easy to remember and linked with global idea of the site. Just stick to common advices: - name of the site should reflect it's content - it's better to put on the name...
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    How to make php redirect to page?

    1. You can use the header() function to send a new HTTP header, but this must be sent to the browser before any HTML or text (so before the <!DOCTYPE ...> declaration, for example): 2. Alternatively, you may use method of http_redirect($url); which needs the PECL package pecl to be installed...