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    Adwords ban for bypassing the system

    Submit with complaint via this form Read this google ads policy very carefully If google will remove the ban then you can modify your ads campaign.
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    Keyword selection question

    Maybe this is showing location-based results in the SERP for the specific keyword. You can change the setting from advanced settings or can use ahrefs, longtail pro, SEMrushfor keyword research.
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    Google Keyword Planner in 2020. What's Changed? How to work with a free keyword collection tool?

    Meyontand, Thanks for your in details post with google keyword planner. Yes, Keyword is the main factor for any kind of online business. All investments are spent based on keywords. That's why needed a deep knowledge of Keyword Research. Here are the advanced techniques of keyword research.
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    Google BERT: Moving to Customer-Driven Dialogue Marketing

    Very Informative post & this will be added an extra value to understand Google BERT update. Also, anyone can follow these digital marketing agency blogs to update SEO knowledge.