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    Google is working to improve robots.txt checking tool

    I wonder what else can be improved there. The file robots.txt rules have been working since the days of the dinosaurs.
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    Remove non-unique news section of the site for optimization purposes

    Hello. Once upon a time, my site ceased to be top-ranked in Google. At the end of last year, the same problem befell other search engines. The site is old, for a long time it successfully competed with the leaders of the topic. All basic and obvious measures to accelerate, improve usability...
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    How to get into msn news?

    Why go there? All news are published with full texts and without reference to the source.
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    Tell me why Google sees a link closed in robots.txt

    Hello. Links such as are closed in robots.txt by the command: Disallow: /info/comment/reply/ But Google indexes these links anyway, and in the robots.txt checker shows that the link is available for indexing. Why?
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    Google Ads has released a new add-on for Google Sheets

    Oh yeah :cool:(y)(y)(y)(y)