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    Font size for h1

    It is relevant to use the 12th font only for service text.
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    How does this service work?

    I think users manually enter the characters that are shown in the captcha picture and the service pays them for this
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    Competitor traffic for specific requests

    Colleagues, good day. Tell me, through which service you can get data, how much traffic a specific site (competitor) received for a specific request for a certain period? At least approximate, but close to real. Thank you for your help.
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    Tried someone new ad unit in Adsense

    Friends, did someone try this unit? I read about it, but it is not clear how and where the advertisement will be displayed.
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    Need a VPS with two interfaces

    When reconfiguring on a bridge, eth0 falls off entirely.
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    Need a VPS with two interfaces

    You need a VPN with two interfaces: eth0 IPv4 + IPv6 / 64 eth1 IPv6 / 64 RAM: 1-2 Gb CPU: 1-2 cores Location: US or Europe Traffic: from 1 Tb per month OS: Debian 10 Prices and links write in the subject line or in a personal. If possible, along with the proposal, give a test IP for...
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    How do I get letsencrypt?

    go to the registrar and get it for free, or get it on the hosting
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    Do behavioral factors work at Google?

    if you do this carefully, then you may not get a ban, but the positions will become better
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    Do behavioral factors work at Google?

    Has anyone tried to wind up behavioral factors in Google? what software? It used to work for sure, 3-4 years ago, as far as I remember how are things now? Well, or at least search tips ...
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    Quick links are gone

    I think Google is changing its algorithm and whether quick links will return is an accident
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    Keyword grouping

    There are 500 keywords to be grouped. Who can do this normally?
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    Tell me why Google sees a link closed in robots.txt

    Try this: Disallow: /info/comment/reply/*