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  1. Sanali

    Google остановись!

    Google не перестаёт удивлять
  2. Sanali

    Help with advice

    Hello Help with advice pliz. I have a website, there are clients on the website who place an order, a lot of clients place orders either every day, or several orders a day. Some people remember the site address and go directly, but there are customers who visit the site 10 times a day to place...
  3. Sanali

    Captchas of Netpeak Checker

    I am using Netpeak Checker software. How to enter many captchas automatically?
  4. Sanali Spinner Bot

    I am using Spinner Bot, service 2captcha is integrated? Do I need to have an account and balance on the 2captcha service?
  5. Sanali

    Software for online stores

    What software for online stores has a 2captcha system?