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  1. Meyontand

    Mobile site on a subdomain

    Hello! By inserting a meta tag on the main version of the site <link rel = "alternate" media = "only screen and (max-width: 640px)" href = ""> It must necessarily be for each page its own with its address, or is it possible for several pages of one subsection to put one URL of...
  2. Meyontand

    Poshmark Pro Tools

    Is there a 2captcha bypass mechanism built into Poshmark Pro Tools?
  3. Meyontand

    Google Keyword Planner in 2020. What's Changed? How to work with a free keyword collection tool?

    Google has an official free keyword collection and analysis tool that was updated in 2020. What has changed in Google Keyword Planner? For what purposes is the tool suitable? How to use? Let's deal with the issue further. Collecting semantics in Keyword Planner in 2020 Text factors are among...
  4. Meyontand

    Find duplicate pages

    I have a site https://#@$#$#%$ and I need to find pages where the content matches. I use the query for Google search results "site:" and see there are too many pages repeated under different addresses, how can I find easy everything?