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  1. Jonth

    Deleting amp pages

    There was no drawdown in traffic and positions. All the amp was gone within a week. With discover, there are no transitions.
  2. Jonth

    How to get into msn news?

    The question is in the title of the topic. Portal from Ireland.
  3. Jonth

    What is SandBox?

    I appreciate it :giggle:(y)
  4. Jonth

    What is SandBox?

    How switch to SandBox cabinet?
  5. Jonth

    What is SandBox?

    I can't understand what it is for :rolleyes:
  6. Jonth


  7. Jonth


    I found information on the official website Massplanner that the software 2captcha is integrated into it, is that correct? I cannot find where to enter the API KEY.