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    Language support at

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    Language support at

    And if the captcha is in the form of a picture, do I need to specify the language?
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    Google launched subcategories in rankings

    Surprised by this news, I was sure it was always like this
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    WordPress is now used by 39.6% of all sites

    In 2018, WordPress occupied 30% of the market, they are growing :unsure:
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    Specifying a mobile application in a snippet

    Hello! Today I came across a strange snippet in Google. Appears for almost all requests where the site is in the top10. Tell me how to get a snippet that will indicate the mobile application of the project?
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    Mobile application in a snippet

    Oh thanks!
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    Adding the current year to the title helps increase organic traffic - case study

    Why do you need it? I just said about my observations
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    Adding the current year to the title helps increase organic traffic - case study

    I have never noticed an increase in traffic and rankings on my projects when adding a date
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    Does boosting behavioral factors in Google help to improve your rankings?

    Has anyone tried to add behavioral factors to Google? how? It used to work for sure, 3-4 years ago, as far as I remember how are things now?
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    Do I need to increase the number of backlinks to the mobile version of the site?

    Buy for all versions, there will still be no sense It is very foolish to believe that website promotion is about buying links.
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    Beware Of Google My Business Listings Hijackings

    Joy Hawkins, a local SEO expert, has said she has seen a "large increase" in the number of hijacked Google My Business listings over the past couple of months. There is this large Google My Business Help thread with almost a hundred posts in it about hackers trying to obtain ownership of their...
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    How to remove scripts from Google

    How can you help a person fix a problem without seeing the site on which this problem is located?
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    My account was blocked

    Give a link to the rules.
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    Customer statistics

    Thanks guys
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    How many tasks are there for the automatic program?

    I installed an extension for chrome, which helps to make money on the service, but there are not many jobs, why?
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    Customer statistics

    What are the average indicators for the price and speed of captcha recognition now?