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  1. Varetananestt

    How to bypass ReCaptcha V2?

    Wow. Thank you!
  2. Varetananestt

    How to bypass ReCaptcha V2?

    I can't figure out how to bypass ReCaptcha V2 using the 2captcha service. Can someone help me?
  3. Varetananestt

    Google has developed a new SMITH algorithm - more efficient than BERT

    Google released Bert recently, or am I confusing something? Have you already come up with a better algorithm? :unsure:
  4. Varetananestt

    Why is Googlebot so dumb?

    I deleted the section three years ago, so it still crawls under it. And every time it gets 404. :LOL:
  5. Varetananestt

    Script conflict

    Chrome and safari are fine. In general, to see what kind of script adds attributes - in the developer tools in chrome, in the Elements tab, find the tag of interest, right-click on it, there will be an item break on ... -> attribute modifications - check the box. Refresh the page when some...
  6. Varetananestt

    Adwords ban for bypassing the system

    Everything is logical, it can be easily detected and that's it
  7. Varetananestt

    Should I use one web server - Apache?

    The question is what is the reason for refusing nginx and can it be solved?
  8. Varetananestt

    Google about BERT and exact keywords on pages

    weird google
  9. Varetananestt

    I need google quick indexing service or at least a working method, is there such?

    There is a way to instantly index a page - to launch an advertising campaign in Google Ads (in fact, you don't need to launch an advertisement, but simply create ads). The page to which the link from the advertisement leads will be added to the search engine base out of turn.
  10. Varetananestt

    I need code examples and libraries

    Hello. I need code examples and libraries and modules to integrate with our API, where can I find them?