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  1. Xaccer

    How does this service work?

    How does it bypass captchas? Neural network?
  2. Xaccer

    B2B website promotion

    Hello I wanted to know the opinion of experts on the promotion of a B2B website. We have a website (I do not write the exact address of the site, so as not to be banned by the admins). Our company is engaged in the supply of tools and consumables for industrial enterprises. B2B...
  3. Xaccer

    How to bring your article to the top?

    Hey. I am young SEO optimization. I was tasked with bringing several articles from different sites to the top, using one key. But in the top for this key I see articles that are more than one year old and are based on the negative. For example, I am writing an article about the iPhone and that...
  4. Xaccer

    My account is suspended

    What does it mean?