bypass all captcha only 11s and only 0.4$/ 1k request


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- Recaptcha V2, V3 solves only from 11s-30s. price 0.55 $ / 1000 requests
- Funcaptcha solves only from 11s, price 0.9$/1000 requests
- Hcaptcha solves only 12s, price 0.7$/1000 requests
- ImageTotext solves only 1s, 99% accurate
- There is also a thread-based package (using unlimited requests )
.- Demo test runs directly at the website without login
- Support extension, api, C# library, python, java, autoit,...
- Free test 7 days threaded package with big teams running captcha.
- High quality products. Fast and cheaper 6-10 times than foreign websites.