Bot for and


Are you still mining bitcoin?
Now you can get free bitcoins every hour!

How to earn bitcoins?
What is needed for that:
1. Wallet
2. Account on the website and
3. Account at with a positive balance
4. Your computer or a rented VPN if you don't want to race your computer
around the clock and use its resources or any found Dedicated
5. Downloaded bot to collect satoshi every hour.

Now in more detail. This bot is designed to collect satosheyi dogoins
every hour from the websites and
The bot is written in iMacros, it goes to the site under your username and password, then goes to the site and, pulls out the captcha from there , sends it for recognition, takes the result, enters it on the site, receives satoshi, waits 3600 seconds to repeat the steps described above.
For full work we need Mozilla Firefox
and the iMacros plugin, after we installed the browser and plugin,
download the bot and drop it into the Macros folder, I have it
C: \ Users \ UserName \ Documents \ iMacros \ Macros

Next, launch Mazila, open the plugin
find our script and right-click, edit.
we find the line with the inscription 8888888888888888888888888888888888. Instead of 8888888888888888888888888888888888, insert your API key. The API key can be taken here, save the file. Looking for below & amp; amp; amp; quot;
further reproduce
We turn off and go about our business.