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Capy Puzzle is a captcha that is used to protect websites from spam and other types of abuse. It differs from other captchas in that it requires the user to solve an interactive puzzle instead of entering characters from a picture or solving math problems.

Capy Puzzle Features
Capy Puzzle offers several unique features and functions that make it attractive for use on websites.

1. Interactivity
Capy Puzzle offers an interactive puzzle that the user must solve in order to verify that they are a real person. This makes the process of interacting with captcha more interesting and exciting.

2. Protection from bots and spam
Capy Puzzle is designed to protect websites from bots and spam. It can determine if the user is a real person or an automated script.

3. Adaptability
Capy Puzzle can adapt to different devices and screens. It can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Benefits of Capy Puzzle
1. Great protection against bots and spam
Capy Puzzle ensures that the website is protected from bots and spam, which helps to maintain a high level of security for users.

2. Ease of use
Capy Puzzle is easy to use and doesn't create problems for users. It allows you to quickly and easily confirm that the user is a real person.

3. Improve user experience
Capy Puzzle helps improve the user experience by preventing unwanted actions and providing security and protection.

How to use Capy Puzzle
Capy Puzzle is used on websites to protect against bots and spam. It appears when certain actions are taken, such as when registering a new account or when trying to send a message. The user is asked to complete an interactive puzzle to prove that he is a real person.

All in all, Capy Puzzle is an effective and easy way to protect websites from spam and bots. It offers a unique puzzle to confirm the reality of the user, which makes it fun to use and enhances the user experience. In addition, it guarantees greater protection against unwanted activities and provides a high level of security for websites and their users.

Currently, Capy Puzzle is used on many websites including online stores, social networks and other sites that need protection from spam and bots. Captcha quickly and effectively solves the problem of website security and helps improve user experience. Thanks to this captcha, websites can more effectively fight against unwanted activities such as spam, phishing, DDoS attacks and other types of cybercrime.

In conclusion, Capy Puzzle is a powerful website spam and bot protection tool that offers an interactive puzzle to confirm the user's reality. It is easy to use, provides more protection against unwanted actions, and improves the user experience. If you own a website and want to keep it protected from spam and bots, then Capy Puzzle might be the perfect choice for you.

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New member
Your code works for solving Capy Puzzle CAPTCHAs, but how do I get the captchakey and api_server values from the source code of the page or script URL? Can you provide an example code snippet for extracting these values using Python?Your article is very helpful, but I need more details on how to find these key parameters. Please share an example code that demonstrates how to extract captchakey and api_server from the HTML page or script URL. This will help me better understand the process and apply your instructions in practice.

import requests

url = ''
data = {
    'method': 'capy',
    'pageurl': '',
    'captchakey': 'PUZZLE_Abc1dEFghIJKLM2no34P56q7rStu8v',
    'api_server': '',

response =, data=data)
result = response.text

if 'OK' in result:
    captcha_id = result.split('|')[1]
    print(f'Captcha ID: {captcha_id}')

    while True:
        url = ''
        data = {
            'key': captcha_id,
            'action': 'get',
            'json': 1,
        response = requests.get(url, params=data)
        result = response.json()

        if result['status'] == 1:
            answer = result['request']
            print(f'Answer: {answer}')
            print('Captcha not ready, waiting 5 seconds...')
    print('Error submitting captcha')