Cheat for


• 2 bot algorithms + combined,
• aiming for viruses (shoots to burst),
• auto-restart after every death,
• statistics of enemies (the volume of enemies is shown),
• illumination of dangerous and non-hazardous balls,
• wallhack (you can see those balls that are hiding in viruses),
• zooming out the camera to increase your view,
• mini-map with drawing enemies, viruses and standard balls,
• the radius of destruction during separation and the radius of the safe zone,
• switching control between parts (if divided),
• sound effects and musical accompaniment,
• many new skins from different mods and services,
• new design of balloons in the style of neon glow,
• visual effects, including drawing of the bot movement algorithm,
• a very wide range of settings, to each his own, as he likes,
• ... and many many others!

Cheat for has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system