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Blog (English: Blog) in general is a personal record available on the Internet, where individuals write their diaries. The blog is also used by businessmen for the purpose of marketing, as many companies rely on it to market their products and services. A blog is different from a regular website

In a blog, the content is constantly renewed several times per week, and blogs usually provide the opportunity for visitors to interact with each other and with the content by adding comments and starting discussions, so in many cases many of the features of the blog are included in social networking sites.

The blog is very popular for several reasons, which has attracted many companies to use it, due to the nature of its renewable content, it is an excellent target for various search engines, and blogs are an easy way to communicate the latest news related to the company and its products, in addition, you can make money through blogger By showing ads in it or related products.

To create a blog, you can use the so-called blogging platforms, which are software or services through which you can create blogs easily. Website building software can also be used to create a blog, as blogs are basically websites

Blogger service
Blogger service is a free tool for Google (English: Google) to create blogs, and it can also be used to make money by activating the display of ads on the blog. The user can create a blog with more than one contributor to work on, or create it with only one contributor

Create a blog
Creating a blog on Blogger requires three simple steps: create an account (on the main Google site), name the blog, and choose its appearance. It is worth noting that through one account it is possible to create more than one blog, so there is no need to create the account more than once. To create a new blog using the Blogger platform, follow these steps:

Go to Blogger site:
Log in with your Google account by clicking on the "Sign In" button at the top right of the page. In the event that the person does not have a Google account, he can press the "Create Your Blog" button and so it will be automatically transferred to the new account creation page.

After the login process (or registering for a new account), the desired username is entered, and then click on the "Continue to Blogger" button. It is worth noting that the name entered is what will be shown to visitors to the blog.

Click on the "Create New Blog" button, and it will take you to a new page.
Enter the desired address for the blog and choose its address that will be used to access it via the browser. If the entered address is not available, you can try other addresses, but without using special characters such as underscores or commas.

Enter the verification code shown in the required field, and then press the "Continue" button.
Choose the initial appearance that the user wants for his blog, and then click on the “Create blog!” button.

To change the appearance of the blog to something different from the initial appearance that was chosen in the previous steps, in addition to modifying some of the settings for the blog, the previous steps are completed with the following:

Click on the "Theme" button located at the bottom of the menu on the left of the page.
Click on the "Customize" button to start modifying the appearance of the blog. You can click on the "Edit HTML" button if the user wants to use advanced methods to modify the appearance of the blog.

Pressing the "Settings" button in the menu that appears on the left of the page will lead to a page where the user can change the language of the blog, in addition to allowing search engines to show the blog in their results, and activating the service of receiving messages via e-mail in the event of updates.

The "Posts, comments and sharing" button can be clicked if the user wishes to modify the posting and comments settings.
If the user wants to add more contributors to the blog, he can do so by clicking on the “Basic” button and clicking on the “Add authors+” link at the bottom right of the screen, under the section titled “Permission”.

Publish content
To post content on the blog, follow these steps:
Click on the "New post" button at the top of the page. If the button is not present, it will move to the "Posts" tab on the left of the page.
The desired title of the publication is entered.

Pressing the "Compose" button to start writing the content of the publication, and the toolbar can be used to change the font, color it, or other options. It can be written using hypertext language (English: HTML) directly if the user has mastered it by clicking on the "HTML" button.

To change the post settings, such as activating the ability for readers to comment, etc., the "Post Settings" button is pressed. When you have finished selecting the appropriate settings, the "Done" button is pressed.

After the publication, the "Save" button is press

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