How does the internet work?

World wide web
They are a number of servers, storage units, personal computers, routers, and fiber-optics.

And non-photovoltaic extending across continents, under seas and oceans to cover the entire globe to be able to reach all devices around the world.

How does the network work?
Imagine that you are entering a huge shopping center for the first time, and you want to reach a particular store to buy a book, for example, and you do not know where the store is exactly, and where it is located, and on what floor or suite of this huge building, so where do you go to inquire? The answer is queries.

There, in the information section, you will find an employee to guide you to the location of the store, or you can use a map of the place to show the shortest way to reach it. For example, it tells you to go up the northern staircase and then walk from the right lane until you reach it.

This aforementioned analogy is roughly how the network works; The Internet is the commercial center, and it is full of various websites. When you want to access a certain information, you open your browser, then type the name of the site, and the browser connects to your computer through Internet settings.

And from it, it connects to a specific server called the DNS Server, which asks it for the server address as the query operator does, giving him the electronic address in the form of his Internet number, then the browser goes to the address to start the request

The requested pages are displayed on the computer screen. Between the computer obtaining the website's private Internet address and browsing it, there are routers that point the computer to the shortest path Hops, in order to obtain the required information, and thus it works as a map that shows the location of the store.

The birth of the Internet
The Internet was established in 1969 to serve the US military by linking a large number of computers in universities and research centers together to achieve the best use of their computational capabilities. The beginnings were with a network called ARPANET

Then the NCP protocol was replaced by the US Department of Defense in 1983 with another protocol suite, TCP/IP, which is better, and the same protocols are in force until now.

Internet Infrastructure
A massive number of servers, switches, routers, and fiber optics, spanning the entire globe.

To reach all devices simultaneously. The process of building and developing the structure took more than four decades to reach what it is today.

Internet Protocol
It is a special language and rules used to transfer and exchange information and data over the Internet. In the beginning, the NCP protocol was the adopted one, but with the development of the network and the development of its uses, there was a need for new protocols to meet the new and growing requirements of users.

This is especially true after the emergence and development of multimedia, e-mail services, and so on. Currently, the adopted Internet protocol is TCP/IP, and this protocol is a package of protocols that are used for the purpose of transmitting data over the Internet.

Each type is concerned with transferring a specific type of data. For example, protocols for broadcasting multimedia files Media Streaming differ from the protocol for browsing websites HTTP and those used for exchanging mail SMTP and so on.

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