How to Apply British Airways travel voucher?


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If you have enough British Airways-earned travel vouchers, you can use them to make reservations, upgrade ticket seats, and add amenities. But, sometimes, most the travelers are confused with the process of How do I use my British Airways travel voucher; then you are required to follow the below section, as you will get proper guidance without waste of time, and your travel vouchers will get appropriately used for making tickets.

Steps to use British Airways travel voucher:

  • First, you need to visit British Airways' official website.
  • Then at the homepage, log in to your account
  • Head to the booking form and fill in ticket details like origin and destination, class, arrival and departure dates, and number of passengers.
  • Next, you click on the search button, and you have to select the ticket.
  • Once after the ticket selection, you must head toward the payment page.
  • Enter credit card details on the page or select the travel voucher option.
  • Further, enter the voucher number under the required field.
  • You will get waived amount to pay for ticket.
  • In the end, submit the ticket, and you will get confirmation email.
Hence, with the help of following the above british airways voucher steps, you will be able to book a ticket quite conveniently.