How to post on Twitter

Post on Twitter across the web
Tweets are published on Twitter using the web by following these steps: Open your Twitter account via a web browser, and type the Tweet you want to publish in the compose box that appears above the timeline

Or click on the Tweet button at the top of the navigation bar. The tweet can contain up to four photos, a GIF, or a video. Click on the Tweet button to post it to your Twitter account profile.

Post on Twitter via mobile
The tweets are published on Twitter via Android and iPhone devices by following the following steps: Open the Twitter application, and click on the feather icon with the + sign above it.

Write a tweet, and click on the Tweet button. For Android: A notification will appear in the status bar on the device and then disappear if the tweet has been sent successfully.

How to reply to a tweet on Twitter
If you want to reply to someone’s tweet on Twitter, click on the dialog bubble icon that appears at the bottom left of the tweet you want to reply to, and this will open a text box to write the reply or message inside.

Also, the indicator of the person or people to reply to will appear at the top of the box, and be sure to send the reply to the intended people before clicking the Reply button.

How to send a direct message on Twitter
You can have an individual discussion with any of the followers via your Twitter account by following the following steps: Clicking on the menu icon that appears next to the Follow button. Click on the Send a Direct Message option that appears in the menu.

Write the message in the message box, as there is no maximum number of characters in the message. Add a regular photo, video, or GIF, using the icons below. Click on the Send button to be able to send the message.

How to use a hashtag on Twitter
The hashtag is one of the hashtags that can be used on Twitter, and it is used by entering the hashtag # symbol before any word or phrase when writing a tweet, such as: #sunset, and after you finish posting the tweet, you can use the hashtag to see tweets that contain the same hashtag

And if you want to add a phrase with the hashtag instead of a single word, take care not to leave a space between the words, for example, instead of writing #beach sunrise, you must write #beachsunrise because using the first option will cause the hashtag accompanying #beach to appear only

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