How to upload an application on Google Play

Google Play
Google Play is an online store affiliated with Google, and many electronic products are displayed in it, either free or paid, and it was established in 2008 AD, so that its products include all the books, movies, and music that Google issues.

This service is available to a limited number of countries and does not include Arab countries, and currently, Google Play, installed in the form of an application, can be used in all devices running the Android system to download various programs and applications, and this service is available to all countries of the world.

Create a developer account after the programmer creates his application, he needs to publish this application, and perhaps Google Play is the best place for that because of its wide popularity as well as credibility with users. To upload applications through Google Play, it is necessary to first create a Google Play Developer Account using a Gmail email account.

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Where the developer fills out a form for the registration page, and this form includes the developer's data such as name, address and other information, and after the registration, officials at Google will review the form and then respond to the developer via e-mail to confirm its registration if it meets the required conditions, and it must The developer has a Visa Internet card with a balance of not less than $25, until the fees for opening a developer account through Google Play are deducted. Conditions for approval of uploading applications after approval of the registration

The developer uploads the application to Google Play and saves it in a draft, as the application can only be published after approval, and before approval, the following must be done: Give a description and information about the application to be uploaded to Google Play.

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The application should be in APK format, which is compatible with Android devices. The application should not infringe on the property rights of another party. The name of the application is new and not compatible with any other application in the store. Select an icon appropriate to the type of application.

Write an explanation to describe the application, its features, and what phones it is compatible with. You must take more than one image for the application or make a video explaining how to use it.