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pest control
Flying insects spread widely and widely in most regions of the world, especially in agricultural areas, where they feed on agricultural crops and trees, and they are called pests, which are the first enemy of humanity since ancient times. From 7000 thousand years ago, farmers were fighting pests and flying insects by random selection of plant seeds resistant to some types of insects. Over the years and centuries, many methods and methods of combating flying insects have been developed to get rid of their harmful effects, which have a significant impact on the economy and farmers' crops. Some methods have been discovered since the beginning of the nineteenth century by environmental scientists and entomologists, with the aim of eliminating the pests that were causing them.

Methods of controlling flying insects
After the modern scientific development and with the increase in agricultural land and the increase in human public awareness, a large number of methods have been developed to combat flying insects that cause pests, harm crops, and exhaust the economy, and these methods include:

Biological pest control: It is one of the means of combating flying insects and spiders using other living organisms, by parasitism and predation, where natural enemies of flying insects are introduced, who have been trained within laboratories to eliminate these insects and other pests.
Crop trap: It is one of the old methods of avoiding the damage of flying insects, where a side crop is planted to distract insects from the main crops and the additional crop is sprayed with various toxins to eliminate these flying insects.
Insecticides: It is one of the most common methods of combating flying insects in the world. Insecticides are sprayed and spread on agricultural crops and within cities by agricultural planes, or by crop sprayers for pesticides, which are chemical toxins that are manufactured to eliminate insects. The plane and pests, which is one of the most dangerous methods of combating flying insects, as it is toxic chemicals that affect not only insects, but all around them.
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