Problem /w Recaptcha V2 Invisible + Hidden Callback


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Been working on this for days and I cannot seem to get this to work, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
I am trying to send a captcha token on the login page, specifically:

Once you navigate to this page, you will be redirected and a random tid will be generated and used in the link (not sure if this is relevant)

1) Inspecting this page, I send over the following details to my captcha service:
sitekey= 6LcJGxsTAAAAAGtISLbbV9VAIbUUzss3t0NFsW2V
apikey = {captcha_service_api_key}

2) Once I got the solved token, I went ahead and inserted it in "g-recaptcha-response" textarea tag
3) I place in my username + password
4) Call bestbuy ca's hidden callback function via javascript:


The page returns an error after submit, and states that that something went wrong.