Puppeteer captcha solver



Bypass reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, Cloudflare Turnstile and any captchas in Puppeteer with fastest solving service 2Captcha.
No risk.Pay only for solved captchas

Avoid captcha in Puppeteer using "puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth"​

Puppeteer is a Node library that allows you to launch a browser and perform various actions in it. Puppeteer Node.js library is a great tool for a variety of tasks that require browser automation. The advantages of Puppeteer are its simplicity and the ability to work in headless mode. There are plugins for Puppeteer that allow you to hide the fact of automation. Hiding the fact of automation is important when developing parsers, as this will allow the browser to look more like a person and not be exposed.

To bypass captchas in Puppeteer a special solving service is required.
The following tools are used to bypass captcha: "puppeteer", "puppeteer-extra" and "puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth".
puppeteer-extra is a lightweight wrapper around Puppeteer
puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth is an addition to puppeteer-extra designed to hide traces of automation.

Bypass captcha with Puppeteer node library

There is a manual to learn how to use the 2Captcha solver extension together with the Puppeteer library to perform web scraping, testing, and creating website bots.


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I understand the general flow of waiting for the reCAPTCHA elements to appear, getting the challenge image URL, and inputting the solution. However, I'd appreciate if you could provide more details on the specific code needed to send the image to a solving service and retrieve the solution. This would help me better understand how to implement this in my own Puppeteer-based scraper.