A program to simplify work with the QIWI API. The program is designed for detailed customization and mass account management.

  • Multithreading
  • Nice design
  • Ability to connect a separate proxy to each account
  • The ability to receive the balance separately for each account
  • Easy drag and drop control
  • Bulk QIWI transfers
  • Bulk telephone transfers
  • Support for 4 transfer modes (division between all wallets, percentage of the balance for each wallet, the entire amount to the desired wallet, percentage of the amount)
  • The ability to take into account when transferring% of the balance
  • Ability to deduct the commission when transferring funds
  • Calculation of statistics for each account and also for all accounts at once
  • Ability to upload to excel
  • Ability to import via excel
  • Ability to take into account columns when working with excel
  • Ability to upload complete information on accounts
  • The ability to translate information into the language of the program
  • The ability to receive balance at once from all accounts
  • The ability to check the API for available functionality
  • Fullscreen window support
  • Ability to set a new standard currency for each account
  • Work with 4 types of currencies (Ruble, Dollar, Euro, Tenge)
  • Possibility of currency conversion
  • Support for 2 languages and the ability to translate the program into your language
  • The ability to verify wallets
  • Ability to change software design
  • QIWI wallet account creator with great detail
  • Customizable output format
  • Configurable delays
  • Supports proxies HTTPS / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 / mobile proxies with changing IP by link
  • Ability to get API, according to different criteria
  • Ability to receive QVC
  • Ability to remove qiwi security settings according to different criteria
  • Possibility of automatic verification
  • Ability to configure any captcha recognition service
  • Implemented by: rucaptcha.com | anti-captcha.com | capmonster.cloud
  • Ability to customize any SMS receiving service
  • Ability to register multiple accounts for 1 proxies / for 1 data
  • Ability to release a nickname and set your own
  • Ability to issue QIWI - cash register secret and public keys
  • Ability to issue QIWI - checkout link to widget
  • Ability to set your own description and name of the QIWI widget - checkout
  • Ability to manually specify the number and codes
  • Ability to link your mail
* Automatic search for IMAP / POP3 settings
* Selection of IMAP / POP3 settings if the settings are not on the server
* Customize message parsing
* Ability to specify the sender of the letter
* 3 types of mail binding: manual, cycle, 1 mail = 1 account
* Ability to specify input format
* Ability to remove mail from the list after use
* Configurable brute force mail, in case of errors
and etc.

Notifications in tg
- About profit
- About spending
- Any balance change

Qiwi checker
- Balance check
- Checking 2 types of bans (transfers and account)
- Check for API availability
- Ability to remove API
- Verification of payment confirmation by SMS
- Nick check
- Checking mail
- Detailed tabular log
- Separate saving of accounts with balance
- Detailed setting of input and output lines
- Setting the type of work with a proxy

QIWI API TOOLS has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system 2captcha.com