The most important computer programs

computer programs
The occurrence of technical errors or computer malfunctions is a normal thing, such as the inability to open some menus for programs or the disappearance of the mouse pointer, or that the image is incomplete and missing some menus and buttons. New as a modem or mouse

It occurs because two or more programs run and thus conflict with each other, and to solve these problems we must know the solutions so that we can remedy or fix them.

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There are many operating systems and application programs on computers that are necessary, and some of these programs are available when purchased, and some are downloaded when needed.

Avast Antivirus
This program contains anti-virus, malware and spyware functions, and therefore it is an important program that protects computers from dangers that leak through the Internet.

From infected files and programs saved on the device, it also protects against other media that are connected via a USB port such as flash drives.

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Program (VLC)
The program is characterized by its ease of use, and it is one of the best programs currently available that plays audio and video files on the computer.

Net framework
This package is for the Windows operating system, and is considered one of the most important software packages that must be installed on the computer; This is to run other programs and games.

Microsoft office package
The package contains many office programs, such as the Excel program for accounts, the Word program for text editing, and the PowerPoint program for
presentations, so it is considered one of the important programs that contain the most important programs that are used in office work.