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Me, along with my friends programmers - we can create any kind of soft you've ever dreamed of. All of our software is multi-threaded and uses brilliant API to solve captchas.

So if you are interested in good working piece of software - please don't hesitate to ask.

The price and terms belongs from task difficulty.

Please reach me in this ways:
SKYPE: sociohacker


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I'm quite interested. It would be best if you shared here more details and maybe even showed us some of your work. I also wonder about the price list. I guess a software I've dreamt of might cost me a fortune. A couple of days ago, I read about tailor-made software, and if I got it right, it seems more affordable and reasonable to go with custom software rather than a templated one. If you're developing something similar I found on this website, then I might be interested. The price matter will remain prevailing. Cheers!
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