Withdrawals and Refunds


Please note that you can only withdraw the payments that you earned from CAPTCHA solving or your referrals.
Payouts can't be refunded!

That means that it's not possible to return your funds back to 2captcha balance if you requested a payout. Even if you entered invalid wallet.
All tickets on that matter will be ignored.

You can not withdraw funds that have entered your account from the website administration or by promo code.

Why did my "withdraw" button disappeared?

“Withdraw” button disappears when you deposit funds to your account, which classifies you as a webmaster, who sends us images and thus doesn’t need an opportunity to withdraw them. To withdraw the sum you deposited please fill the form in “return funds” section.

Refunds are made on demand. In order to get a refund please send us a request using the form below. Include the following:

1. The reason why you want a refund.

2. What purse or payment method you used.

3. When you made the payments, and the amount of the payment

Refunds are only made to the same purse that the funds have come from.