How to transfer web hosting from godaddy fast


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Does anyone know how to transfer website hosting asap? I found a better solution but I need to make it fast cause I've not much paid period remaining on Godaddy.
Thanks a lot!
Hi, Miles.

The name of hosting provider actually doesn't matter much since the problem of how to transfer web hosting from one company to another has a common solution. Thransfering FROM GoDaddy is almost the same as transfer website to godaddy which you probably already did in the past.

Anyway, the actions you need to perform is:
1) move your site's files to a new hosting
2) move the database to a new hosting (it can be easily done through web interface which must be in any hosting service nowadays)
3) redirect the domain DNS to a new hosting

Still, the DNS change can take up to 48 hours, so there is no guarrantee that your site won't get offline for some time if you've less than 2 days remaining on GoDaddy.


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Thank you kind sir!
Yes I linked site to GoDaddy hosting but it was kinda long ago so I thought I've must forgot something.
But you freshed my memory here, thanks!