100% Recognition: Configuration and pricing


Our service provides 100% recognition option. Of course this option doesn't guarantee 100% accuracy, but helps to increase it

Please read this artcicle BEFORE enabling 100% recognition option. Incorrect settings can cause funds overspending or break the recognition process.

When 100% recognition option is enabled every captcha will be solved by multiple workers and you will be charged for each solution by every worker as per one captcha. For example if 2 workers solved your captcha then you will pay for 2 captchas.

In most cases there's no need to use 100% recognition option. If capthca is solved incorrectly you will just complain it with correspondiong API method. Our workers will check the answer and if the it really was incorrect then funds will be automatically returned to your balance.

So we recommend you to use this option only when you really need it.


We charge you for every solution made by our workers. Price is calculated using the formula:

P = R * (Am + Ad)

P - price you pay
R - rate per 1 captcha
Am - minimal number of attempts
Ad - additional attempts made
(Am + Ad) <= Max Number of Attemtps

Few examples:
You have the following settings:
Min number of attempts: 2
Max number of attempts: 5
Min number of matches: 2
Captcha Rate is $0.001 ($1 per 1000).

2 matching answers were found on 3rd attempt. You will pay: P = 0.001 * (2 + 1) = $0.003
2 matching answers were not found. You will pay: P = 0.001 * (2 + 3) = $0.005
2 matching answers were found on 2nd attempt. You will pay: P = 0.001 * (2 + 0) = $0.002

It's not possible to complain incorrect answer if 100% recognition option is enabled. Also this option is not compatible with captchas that are solved using token like ReCaptcha V2, KeyCaptcha, FunCaptcha.

Important!100% recognition option affects the speed and price of recognition!

The flowchart below illustrates the algorithm of 100% recognition option:

100% recognition algorithm


Min matches: 2
Max attempts: 2

If asnwers of both workers don't match then your captcha will not be solved but you will pay for two attempts.

Min matches: 1
Max attempts: 1

It's the same as 100% option is off.

Min matches: 10
Min attempts: 10

In such cases we'll wait for answers from 10 workers and if there's no 10 matching answers we'll keep sending the captcha to one more worker until we'll get 10 matching answers. That will take a lot of time. If you really want to get 10 matching answers then you got to increase minimal attempts value depending on complexity of your captcha.