20 Most Popular English Speaking SEO Experts on Social Media


Awario Marketing Manager Anna Bredava ranked the top 20 most popular English-speaking SEO experts on social media.

To do this, she analyzed data from 202 experts who are mentioned in the “SEO for Beginners” guide from Search Engine Journal.

Using the Awario SMM monitoring tool, Bredava tracked mentions for each of them. To do this, she created a special alert that works based on a combination of keywords, filters, and conditions applied to those keywords.

Countries and languages were deliberately left out in order to get more data, since experts around the world are monitoring the accounts of experts.

The tool has collected mentions from Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, news sites, digital media, forums, and other resources.

To exclude tweets posted by the experts themselves, their Twitter accounts were blacklisted.

In total, Awario found and analyzed over 70,000 online mentions.

As a result, the following rating of experts by popularity was obtained:


As we can see from the list, the most mentioned and popular SEO expert in the English-speaking segment today is Barry Schwartz - the owner of the Search Engine Roundtable blog, the news editor of Search Engine Land and the head of the RustyBrick software company.

The top five also include renowned technical SEO expert Cyrus Shepard and former Marketing Director of RankRanger Mordi Oberstein.


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That’s a pretty good list, indeed. A lot of these experts have done an incredible job in the field of SEO. I truly admire their work. Personally, I work as an account manager in the banking sector, and I am not that familiar with the whole concept of SEO and digital marketing. However, I like reading articles about it and discovering the work of other professionals. I am pretty bad with English though, that’s why I choose a different career mainly. I try to practise as much as I can these days, but I can’t deny that it’s difficult for me. At the moment, I am working daily on reading comprehension worksheets 5th graders, that I found to improve my overall skills.
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