2Captcha discussion of shut down features - textcaptcha


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Currently we are facing problems with "Textcaptcha". The problem is with 99% of requests

Here are few examples:

  • Quelle est la couleur du cheval blanc d'Henri IV ?
  • لطفا پاسخ را به عدد انگلیسی وارد کنید:پنج × چهار =
  • Spamfilter Skriv siffran 9 med bokstäver
  • PMCBBCode
  • I confirm I'm NOT a spammer. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail
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Our workers' income is very low so we would like they have less unsolvable tasks. Big amount of unsolvable trash tasks is really depressing and looks like disrespect to workers.

Earlier we have implemented "lang" parameter to indicate the language worker should understand to solve the captcha. Some even started to use it but it didn't help much. It turned out that even if worker understand the question it doesn't me he will answer correctly.

So we are planning to turn off textcapcha support on 20 of May, 2019 unless you make us change our mind. Please discuss.