2captcha flags ERROR_WRONG_GOOGLEKEY but I have supplied one. Is this actually an ERROR_GOOGLEKEY?


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This is the output from having put debug_dump on the request. I've anonymized it slightly. Notice that there is a googlekey. The value may be wrong. I'm okay with that. What's bothering me is that ERROR_WRONG_GOOGLEKEY is the wrong error. I should be getting ERROR_GOOGLEKEY according to the documentation. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of telling the manufacturer.
array(5) {
    ["key"] => string(32)"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456"["method"] => string(13)"userrecaptcha"["googlekey"] => string(32)"AHrlqAAAAAMA1lbzEUS-vFQADUZYaQ=="["pageurl"] => string(305)"https://geo.captcha-delivery.com/captcha/?initialCid=AHrlqAAAAAMA1lbzEUS-vFQADUZYaQ%3D%3D&hash=C0705ACD75EBF650A07FF8291D3528&cid=6Qx6Bz.9PraEeBk2OzH7l0MvnL7u3mRuLT47Kl3GY_Xrjo_xmXtrPY0KHZZqOC1Gokiep~w7s9mY1g_DE~xZ_aKzE2sw-KN2O-6_D0Q~7E&t=fe&referer=https%3A%2F%2Fasomeone.co%2F&s=6522"["debug_dump"] => string(1)"1"
array(0) {}
array(0) {}