2captcha-wrapper v1.1.1



NODE.js 2captcha wrapper
This is a node.js module for solving google's recaptcha v2 using the 2captcha service.

npm install 2captcha-wrapper

You will need a 2captcha api key, which you can get here.

The module exports the TwoCaptcha prototype. It accepts two parameters on construction: apiKey and timeout, the timeout parameter can be ommited, defaulting to 180000 milliseconds;

The object contains the solve method that should be used to get the captcha id/token for google recaptcha.

The solve method, when successful, returns an object containing the request id and token. On failure it returns null and reports the bad captcha.

After getting the token, you can send it with your http request or set it in the page if you're running puppeteer/selenium.

The id can be used to report good/bad captcha using the reportGood/reportBad methods.

To get the siteKey: Open the webpage, view source, ctrl+f "data-sitekey".
  TwoCaptcha = require('2captcha-wrapper');
  const apiKey = '123tyg231yg123v32g123u'; //Your 2captcha api key
  const captchaTimeout = 180000; //The maximum amount of time (ms) to wait for the captcha to be solved.
  const siteCaptcha = {
    siteKey: 'uadsuadsuyasduvsduv', //The url's siteKey
    url: 'www.example.com', //The url in which the captcha appears
    invisible: false, //Whether or not the captcha is invisible
  async function main() {
    var tcaptcha = new TwoCaptcha(apiKey, captchaTimeout);
    var captchaToken = await tcaptcha.solve(siteCaptcha);
    console.log('Got token!');

Documentation https://npm.io/package/2captcha-wrapper