5 SEO Tactics to Maximize Internal Links — Whiteboard Friday


Are you using internal links to their full potential? Probably not. Luckily, Cyrus is here with five tips to help you boost your internal linking strategy — and your site performance — in this brand new Whiteboard Friday.


First, a story...
So I have some specific tactics for you to try and employ, and we'll get into those in a second. But first, to demonstrate internal links, I want to start with a story, a story which shows some of their potential power. It's a story of a single link here at Moz that we employed several months ago.


We have a page on Domain Authority. If you Google "Domain Authority," it's typically the very first result. Back in January, we added a single link to the page. We had just launched a new tool, SEO Domain Metrics, and we wanted to add a link from our existing page to our new page. So we did. The link said "Check your Domain Authority for free," and we added it. Within weeks we saw some interesting metrics, not on the page that we linked to, but on the page that we linked from.


We also included an image on the page to draw attention to the link. Bounce rate instantly went down 33%. Why? People were clicking the link. They wanted to check their Domain Authority. Pages per session went up 33%. So when people were visiting this page, they were visiting more pages pretty much because of this link and the accompanying image.

Session duration was up 10%. So people were spending 10% more time on Moz after they visited this page. Within a few weeks, traffic to the page that we added the link to was up 42%, and it has sustained that traffic increase ever since January when we added that link. Of course, the page that we linked to we added links from all over the site.

Traffic on this page has risen exponentially, and it's now one of the top pages on Moz, probably not all because of this link, but the cumulative efforts of many of those links.


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You have written some really, very helpful tips for an SEO newbie. If you follow all your instructions, you can easily and quickly raise the site to the top. When I started doing SEO, I understood almost nothing about it and tried to do everything independently, but nothing worked out for me. Then one of my friends advised me to contact the quora marketing guys. They quickly set up the SEO, added the right links, and my site got to the top. So I recommend paying special attention to SEO and understanding the algorithms of its work.
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Internal linking is a powerful SEO tactic, and it's great that you're exploring ways to maximize its impact. For more insights on this topic, I recommend checking out Whiteboard Friday's post at https://inquivix.com. They offer valuable tips and strategies to optimize internal linking for improved website visibility and user experience.
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