51% of D2C Brands Say SEO is a Top Acquisition Channel


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A report on direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing in 2019 finds that SEO is a top acquisition channel for most brands.
When asked “what are your top 3 acquisition channels?” the responses were:
  • 61% – Social media
  • 51% – SEO
  • 50% – Direct traffic
Paid search came in fourth place (26%), and physical stores were a distant fifth place response (18%).


This data comes from the State of D2C Marketing 2019 report from Yotpo in partnership with Magento.

Data in the report is based on a survey conducted March-April 2019 with responses from 512 eCommerce and marketing decision-makers.

When asked what their top priorities were in 2019, 35% of D2C brands said ‘web traffic.’

Web traffic ranked as the fourth most important KPI behind conversion rates, new customers, and e-commerce sales.

Paid Search and Social Media

When it comes to paid search, specifically Google Ads, 47% of D2C brands say they’re increasing their ad spend in 2019.

Spend on Google Shopping ads is up as well, with 32% of D2C brands saying they’re spending more in that area.

A significant amount of D2C brands are increasing their spend on social media ads. In particular, 49% are spending more on Instagram ads and 52% are spending more on Facebook ads.

Ad spend is up amongst D2C brands in nearly all areas except traditional advertising such as print, outdoor, TV, and radio ads.

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/