57% of SEO workers use 2-4 paid tools


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SEO consultant Aleida Solis posted a series of polls on Twitter to find out how many paid tools SEOs are using and what their budget is.

The polls were targeted at an English-speaking audience.

According to the responses received, 73.2% of respondents spend less than $ 13,000 a year on SEO tools. It should be noted that this was the minimum choice. According to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable, the actual amounts could be much lower.


At the same time, 56.8% of respondents use 2-4 tools simultaneously:


Recall that recently, Cyrus Shepard posted on Twitter a series of polls designed to find out how SEOs feel about different sources of SEO information.


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My friend is one of the owners of an SEO company, which helped many sites to gain popularity. So, I asked him a similar question, and he said that they use only 4 or 5 tools, and that's enough! There is no need to spend more money on this if there is enough of it. Seriously, that's what he told me. The main thing is efficiency! If everything is enough and your company does not need more, you do not need to spend more because this is how the whole business works. And suppose the person who founded the company is constantly meaninglessly and stupidly spending money. In that case, this person will be left without a profitable business in the future.
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