About priorities for customers 2captcha.com


We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to all of our 2captcha user for continued patronizing our services. Because we give importance to all our valuable customer, we need to give you updates regarding the situation occurred last 11.11.2017.

On Saturday of November 11, 2017, the events for sneaker release had not been that successful as what you’ve expected. We do apologize that we did not cope with the load and only 50% of the recaptchas were recognized and sent. And the average time from downloading of captcha to the server until the response was received up to 200 seconds (the log can be seen on the chart https://2captcha.com/public_statistics/graph/devspeed ) which gave a bad result. In line with this, we will keep our services to be more prepared and systematically.

We received a lot of calls from our customers asking if we can give them priority in recognizing their recaptchas. We were offered $10 - $50 for a solution of 1000 captcha, we were even offered $5000 for 2 hours of priority. We could make good money on this, but, we think that the priority system does not comply with our rule:

“Service should work equally well for everyone”
If we give someone priority, it means that others will get a bad service.

Planned to be executed in suchlike events:
1) We make a system of informing employees about the appearance of a large number of work. Now we are developing Telegram-bot and WEB-notifications for this. This will promptly call employees for service.
2) We have already installed new equipment so that the server does not brake and promptly distributed tasks to employees and collected answers from them.
3) We will change the formation of the rate for the employee. Now we have a fixed rate for both customers and employees. As soon as workers are not enough, we will automatically raise the employee's remuneration, while the rate for customers will always be the same.
4) We will not introduce a system of priorities. Service should work equally well for all customers.
5) We will keep our price for customers the same as it is (unless there will be a necessary changes due to an unexpected occurrences in the future)

History of 2captcha
At the end of 2013, bulk of Russian captchas were needed to recognize, that’s why a lot of Captcha Services were developed and took advantages with customers who were looking for this kind of services. They dealt with customers and asking for a double price more than others and so the owners of these services swam in money.
Due to these circumstances, we had been in a deadlock situation, so we were forced to raised the bid for recognition which also affects the customer’s price rate. From then on, we decided to keep our services improved and promised ourselves not to take advantages to our valuable customers. In 5 years that we are actively and strongly operating, we became the largest service for captcha recognition (as per our assessment). We remember very well, how important it is to follow the same rules in our everyday work. So, we will not change the priority of recognition depending on the customer’s rate. We will do our very best to always be of good service for everyone.