Ad-social bot



This software allows you to perform tasks completely automatically on all three social networks - vk, instagram and twitter.
It is important to note that this is a multi-threaded bot. You can upload up to one hundred accounts!

A multithreaded bot for the Ad-Social job exchange for completing VKontakte jobs. The program will provide you with the maximum opportunities for making money on Ad-Social, and this is up to 5000 rubles of daily income!

It is enough to have at least one VKontakte account and you can start earning. The points accumulated as a result of the program can then be exchanged for real money in the personal account of the Ad-Social service.

Features of Ad-Social Bot:
  • Performing the following tasks on VKontakte: "Add to friends", "Make reposts", "Join groups" and "Like".
  • Support for up to 100 VKontakte accounts simultaneously.
  • Set the delay between the execution of tasks.
  • Ability to work through proxy servers.
  • Support for automatic captcha recognition through the Antigate service. The display of the balance of the Antigate key is also present in the program.
  • Earnings up to 5000 rubles per day from just one bot!
Ad-social bot has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system