Adwords ban for bypassing the system


New member
Hello everybody! Need help. The Merchant Center was blocked, could not pass moderation for a product related to motor vehicles, which is prohibited from advertising in Google purchases. As a result, the acc was banned. The associated Google Ads account flew with him

I tried to create new Ads accounts, though from the same computer. Everything is banned for bypassing the system. The theme of the sites is white - online stores of equipment, electronics and gadgets. The pk themselves were launched without any problems, the moderation takes place literally in 5-10 minutes. Impressions and clicks start and then the account is banned for a detour. Sites and domains are definitely not in the ban, otherwise the advertising campaign would be rejected (IMHO). Although I tried changing domains too, it didn't help. I doubt it’s about them

Tell me what is the best way to proceed? Trying to unblock Merchant and Ads on appeal? Or start over?