Adwords ban for bypassing the system


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Hello! Need help.
The Merchant Center was blocked, was unable to pass moderation for a product related to motor vehicles, which is prohibited from advertising in Google purchases. As a result, the account was banned. The associated Google Ads account flew with him

I tried to create new Ads accounts, though from the same computer. Everything is banned for bypassing the system. The theme of the sites is white - online stores of equipment, electronics and gadgets. The pk themselves were launched without problems, moderation takes place literally in 5-10 minutes. Impressions and clicks start and then the account is banned for a detour. Sites and domains are definitely not in the ban, otherwise the advertising campaign would be rejected. Although I tried changing domains too, it didn't help. I doubt it’s about them.

Tell me what is the best way to proceed? Trying to unblock Merchant and Ads on appeal? Or start over?
How to get around this ban for bypassing the system?


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no way. from the point of view of robots, everything that moves and is not a robot is already a violation. in general, the fact that they are already being addressed by violation and bypass of the system.
why are you trying to bypass them to call and write. this is an explicit workaround. the system is that they accuse you and you leave. otherwise it's a bypass

you had to familiarize yourself in advance and observe at the same time all existing state rules and even mutually exclusive ones. otherwise in a ban without the right of appeal. if the robot said that you are a robot of the wrong model, then it will no longer connect with you.

in general, stop already violating the digital rights of robots in the digital age. you wanted to the future with robots, congratulations, you have already stepped into it