Affiliate program



How does 2Captcha referral program work?
  1. When someone is a coming in a your referral link and registering to our service, our database creates a record that this user has come to the system from your referral.
  2. You can see the list of your referrals here.
  3. You get 10% from your affiliate earnings and 10% from a your partner boughts on the service ( when, your partner spends money, sending captcha to a software, registering in the catalog, 10% deducted software developers, and you get only 5% of its expenditure on the captcha)
  4. Affiliate awarded to the account balance once a day. If your partner is spent or earned today, the payments you receive tomorrow
  5. The minimum payout amount - $0,5 For the payment you must request a payment on the page "payments for affiliate program", specifying the amount and method of payment (PayPal, Payza, WebMoney). Withdrawal is carried out immediately or within 5 business days, depending on the direction of payout.
  6. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to refer yourself and profit from the 10% referral rewards based on your own earnings and expenditure.