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  1. Download & Install python 3.x from Be sure to check "Add to PATH" when installing.
  2. Open cmd as Administrator
  3. 'pip3 install bs4'
  4. 'pip3 install requests'
  1. Put your 2captcha apikey into apikey.txt
  2. Put your proxies(if any) into proxies.txt (Proxies are NOT required)
  3. In AIOBOT, open the captcha solver for whichever site you want to use. You can minimize it after you open it.
  4. Open cmd as Administrator.
  5. Change directory to ANBAIO2captcha folder. Example: 'cd C:\Users\Hunter\Desktop\ANBAIO2captcha'
  6. 'python'
  1. Normal - Normal mode will requesting X amount of captchas as soon as you tell it to, and then will stop.
  2. Never Ending - Never ending mode will requesting X amount of captchas every Y minutes until stopped by the user.
A few URL's are still missing for the captcha solver pages. If you have them DM me on twitter.