any advices on registering a domain name


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I'm thinking about registering an info site and would like to ask dear forum mates some advices :)
What is better - to combine a name from keywords to make it easier to perform a SEO?
Or to pick catchy name to attract and hold visitors?


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It's a wide-known fact that for SE direct entry of keywords in domain name does matters.
Still, as far as I know it's better to use not more than 3 keywords in it.

Catchy name do matters too, of course ;)

So, I'd advice you try to pick up the name with keywords but also catchy in the same time. Just do not hurry and think well, that's all :)


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This option of entering keywords into a domain name is very doubtful, because the most used keywords are already taken, but when creating a startup there is a chance that the topic is not jammed with requests and the domain name is free