Api realization for rucaptcha.com alpha!

npm i api-rucaptcha

import { RucaptchaApi } from './';
const captchaApi = new RucaptchaApi(process.env.APIKEY);
(async () => {
  const solvedCaptcha = await captchaApi.solveCaptcha(base64);
also you can change delay, and host urls like that :

const captchaApi = new RucaptchaApi(process.env.APIKEY, {
  delay: 1000,
  retry: 5,

Documentation https://www.npmjs.com/package/api-rucaptcha


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Thank you, but could you describe in more detail what it is and why? I just recently started to get interested in game development, website creation, programming in general and 3D modeling. I know that Captchas are needed for websites, this is the code for embedding a Captcha into a website when creating it, right? If so, thank you, I'll try to sort it out at my leisure, I'm interested. Another question is, is there a proxy list on your forum? I would like to know more about what proxies are. Are there any materials that you would recommend to a novice developer? Thank you in advance for the answer.
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