Auto Bitcoin



- Script for automatic collection of satoshi from cranes
- There are at least 27 taps in the script, the list is edited once a week
- The script is made more profitable since one feature is implemented after which the captchas of the vrecaptcha are mostly digital
- Ability to turn off and on taps

Auto Bitcoin has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system


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The Bitcoin Auto project has contradictory reviews - it is a kind of bot for collecting bitcoins, thanks to which we are promised a good income within a short period of time. I do not trust this site and use more. As they write to us, this company is selling bots, which are able to earn cryptocurrency on the machine, that is, without the participation of users. A lot of sites, both regular cranes and specialized services, exchangers and so on, are struggling with automatic clicker programs, including various bots. And they mercilessly ban all those users who decide to take the risk and start using such software.
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