Auto Profile &&& EDU Suite



Auto Profile Suite - Submits your Content to High Authority Profile Sites Like Wordpress,, Amazon, MySpace, Disqus.
Auto EDU Suite - Submits your Content to EDU Sites

Many Other Programs in SEO Market With Low Success Rate,But Our Tool Has Got More Than 75% Success Rate.

Features of Auto Profile & Edu Suite
  • Auto Email Creation
  • Auto Create Accounts
  • Auto Verify Email
  • Auto Submission
  • Generate Links After Submission

One Click The Tool Does All the Job.

What are Minimum PC Requirements?
Windows Vista (OR) Late Versions
2GB RAM(4GB Recommended)
.Net Framework 4.5 Installed
Visual C++ 2015 Installed

What Else Do i Required?
2Captcha API(Mandatory for a Good Success Rate)
Proxies - Optional
Spin Re-Writer - Optional

Does this Program Runs on a VPS?
Yes,But atleast 4GB RAM is Recommend.