AutoPosterVk 1.0 - This is a program for automatic posting on the walls of VKontakte groups, with a pleasant and simple interface.

- Ability to add pictures.
- When a captcha appears, the program solves it automatically through the rucaptcha service.
- All performed actions are written to the program log.
- Ability to set the delay between placements.
- It is possible to alternate text, photos and account.
- You can add an unlimited number of accounts, text and photos.
- Publication on behalf of the community.
- Ability to add groups by name, the program will automatically convert it to ID.
- All actions are carried out through the official Kate Mobile application, which reduces the likelihood of page freezing several times.
- Added a condition under which if your balance in the rucaptcha service is less than 10 rubles, the program will not start working and will notify you in the log that you need to replenish your balance. This is done for the safety of your account, to reduce the risk of page freeze.
- After successfully solving the captcha, your current balance is written to the program log.

All subsequent additions will be released with the program update.

When buying a key, activate the 'Rucaptcha' promo code.

VkPoster has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system