AutoReddit - A Free Tool For Auto-Scheduling Your Reddit Posts. Support Crosspost & Post Flair

Hi Everyone,
I've been working on a web app that aims to simplify the workflow of automating reddit posts. There are a couple existing products for post scheduling, without mentioning their high price tag (usually 30-50$/month), they all require users to explicitly set a date & time for the scheduled posts, for most people relying on Reddit to achieve their marketing goals, clearly it is not ideal - what they really need is to have their posts auto-scheduled to various target subreddits based on their own preference(how frequently to post on each subreddit; what hours each day should allow to post).. This way, they no longer need to worry about maintaining a "timesheets" of their posts and they can be assured that the auto-scheduled posts will not spam a subreddit. I believe this is critical - no one wants to get their accounts banned due to scheduling multiple posts at same time for the same subreddit by mistake, losing all the reputation they have built up.
With my point being made, without making this post too long, I will highlight some of the key features of AutoReddit, if you are interested feel free to try it out :) Would love to get some feedbacks as well
  • Autopilot your posts (auto -scheduling based on your preference instead of explicitly scheduling) as explained above
  • FREE TO USE: Allow max 20 posts / week (compare to other products that only allow 1 post per week for free)
  • Robust retry mechanism - will auto retry your posts upon recoverable errors such as Reddit Ratelimiting; any valid post is guaranteed to be made in the future
  • Multiple post types support: Text content post; Link Post; Crosspost
  • Supports auto comment reply for the post tasks
  • NSFW & post flair support
  • Bulk tasks CSV import
  • Easy to use & mobile friendly UI with embedded Markdown editor
  • Safe & Secure - https & Reddit OAuth (We never ask & have access your reddit credentials)
  • More to come as I continue hear feedbacks from users
For any inquires, you could simply shoot me a private message and I am happy to answer. Feel free to take a look at to see if that would be a suitable tool for you!

AutoReddit has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system