Autosurfing from



The software for surfing on the website is a software package implemented in the form of a special browser that allows users to visit the sites of the system users in manual or automatic mode, and a presentation testing program that allows you to check how visits will be made.

The implementation of the ideas of the unique technology of safe web surfing - "SecureSurf", incorporated in the surfing program, provides the surfer user with a completely new approach to the process of earning income from the Internet through surfing. Now you

no need to worry about restoring surfing when the connection is unstable;
no need to try to reduce traffic consumption - if there is such an opportunity, the program will do it for you;
you can forget about annoying pop-up windows, destruction of the control frame, which are typical for many outdated autosurfs;
Also, the implementation of the "SecureSurf" technology built into the software prevents the launch of any new processes that the surfing client may try to spawn, since their creation is a typical behavior of malicious code placed by cybercriminals on web pages.

For users who want to make money on surfing, the surfing software consists of two main components: a shell program - Webisida.Browser.exe, which provides direct user interaction, as well as providing the ability to timely update the surfing program, and a web service client - Webisida .Browser.Client.exe. This separation allows for the maximum degree of software reliability and stability.

After downloading and installing the software, if you have a firewall (firewall) or antivirus installed on your computer that blocks access to the network, you may need to add the main software components (programs Webisida.Browser.exe and Webisida.Browser.Client.exe) to their list of exclusions * (Please note that most antiviruses have at least 2 exclusion lists: for Internet access and for scanning for viruses - Internet access must be allowed).

Autosurfing from has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system