Implemented functions:
Ability to remove blocked subscribers.
Saving all settings to a file.
Loading all settings from a file.
The program can update itself.
Auto online.
Auto acceptance of friend requests.
Customizable user-agent.
Configurable delay ranges.
Work through a proxy.
Deleting sent applications (Unsubscribe from all).
Removing all friends.
Removing banned friends (dogs).
Removing mutual friends from XXX.
Removing friends by gender.
Removing friends by date of visit.
Ability to read all messages.
Possibility to delete all messages.
Possibility to download all messages.
Liker avatars.
Removing likes from a photo.
Remove likes from videos.
Removing likes from posts.
Cleaning the wall.
Cleaning audio recordings.
Download ALL audio from a person or group.
Downloading video.
Downloading photos by albums.
Output of the current track to the stream.
RuCaptcha support.
Anti-Captcha support.
Support for manual captcha input.
Convenient output to the log.

Parser for your groups.
Outgroup parser.
Parse groups through search.
Removing sent invitations.
Removing those who refused to meet.
Cleaning the group wall.
Cleaning the emergency group.
Joining groups according to the list.
Exit from groups in the list.
Loading groups into TXT.
Mass adding to friends.
Mass addition to the emergency.
Mass removal from emergency situations.
Getting possible friends.
Working with lists of friends.
Getting people out of the group.
Getting by location.
Getting by age.
Getting subscribers by date of visit.
And other functions.

AutoVK has an integrated automatic bypass captcha system