B2B website promotion


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I wanted to know the opinion of experts on the promotion of a B2B website.

We have a website www.site.com (I do not write the exact address of the site, so as not to be banned by the admins). Our company is engaged in the supply of tools and consumables for industrial enterprises. B2B sales. Now about 1200-1600 visitors per day, 3-4 page views per visitor. SEO done. Contextual advertising in search engines is. Advertising on specialized portals is done in the form of banners.

What do we want to do new on the site? The goal is to increase traffic and customer loyalty to our company.

1. News - there is news on the site, but this is company news. We want to expand it and publish news of the industries we work with, make it a type of industry news

2. Encyclopedia - we want to make a section and place information on the materials with which our customers work. For example, talk about Steel 3, etc.

3. Reviews - we want to post reviews of machines on our website. We do not sell machines, but tools and accessories for them are our topic.

4. Articles - we want to write articles on topics close to the industries we work with.

5. Question-Answer - our managers receive a lot of questions on various tools, consumables and technologies. The essence of the questions is how and where, to apply and how it works.

6. Video - post videos about machines, technologies, etc.

7. Social networks - create groups in social networks and post information. Here I do not know and I also wanted the opinion of experts. Do we have B2B business and social networks in general here?

8. Landing pages - we have new and top products and we want to make landing pages on the principle of one product, one landing page, but all using our website. An example of how the link will look like www.new.site.ru

9. I didn't want to write it but…. The chief asked to make him a third-level domain for a personal blog. Here I don't know at all what will come of it.

Colleagues need opinions on all points. The main thing is not whether the search engines will demote us for this and whether it will be a complete mess.